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Automatic tests and example chat for Godot Multiplayer API.
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Automatic tests and example chat for Godot Multiplayer API

Main Singleton

script/ contains the main singleton that abstract a little bit from the Multiplayer API allowing for easy developing of client/server applications.

I know, it's a lot of code, but I could not find any other way to have authoritative (safe) server. See comments in file because a patch to Godot Engine is needed for making this really authoritative. In the file there is also a brief description of how it works.

Chat application.

Inside script/ and script/ there are implementation for chat server and client (both ~30 lines of code) using the main singleton.


Inside script/ there will be automatic tests for the multiplayer API in an attempt to keep it safe and regression free. Please be ensured, that safe does not mean secure or private. There is currently no support for encryption so data is plain-text. There are a bunch of network attacks that can fake IP or act as M-t-M those are note dealt with for now. The tests are merely for checking engine logic correctness when dealing with RPCs.


To workaround the fact that the multiplayer API cannot be tested in the same scene (I know, crazy!) a workaround is in place where multiple SceneTree(s) are instantiated in the main and then rendered as textures. You can see the reference code in script/ and scene in scene/ It's a bit hacky but it works

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