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The start of a VERY simple Python library for working with the AngelList api ( )
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The start of a VERY simple Python library for working with the AngelList api ( )


Note: This code is a quick hack for a personal project I'm playing around with. There are obvious holes (for example the delete stuff isn't working yet) and there are most certainly much cleaner/better/faster ways to interact with the AngelList api, but this version basically gave me quick access to the functionality that I needed at the time.

If you have questions, comments, or updates you would like me to include please feel free to email me any time at or ping me via Twitter at


The AngelList api requires authentication via OAuth2 ( ). This process is started by sending users to a specific url to authorize your app. You generate that url like this:


Then you just redirect your user to the generated URL. Once a user validates your app on AngelList, AngelList will send them back to the endpoint your specified when you set up your app along with a URL param of code. It will look something like this:


The next step is to use this returned code, along with your client_id, and client_secret to obtain a valid access_token. You do that like this:

import angellist
al = angellist.AngelList()
access_token = al.getAccessToken(code='THE_CODE_YOU_JUST_GOT_IN_THE_AUTH_RESPONSE_URL')

and if all goes well, you should now have a valid access_token that you can store along with this users account details and make valid AngelList api calls for.


If you have a valid access token, you should be able to something like the following:

import angellist
al = angellist.AngelList()
my_angel_list_profile = al.getMe()

-- IMPORTANT NOTE -- All requests expect a valid access_token to be set (see the OAuth section for details on obtaining a valid access_token).


- getFeed()

- deleteFollows(follow_type='', follow_id='') - currently known issues
- addFollows(follow_type='', follow_id='')
- getFollowers(user_id='')
- getFollowersIds(user_id='')
- getFollowing(user_id='')
- getFollowingIds(user_id='')
- getStartupsFollowers(startup_id='')

- getReviews(user_id='')

- getStartups(startup_id='')
- getStartupsSearch(slug='', domain='')

- getTagsStartups(tag_id='')

- getStartupRoles(user_id='', startup_id='')

- getStatusUpdates(user_id='', startup_id='')
- postStatusUpdates(startup_id='', message='')
- deleteStatusUpdates(status_id='') - currently known issues

- getTags(tag_id='')
- getTagsChildren(tag_id='')
- getTagsParents(tag_id='')
- getTagsStartups(tag_id='')

- getUsers(user_id='')
- getUsersSearch(slug = '', email = '')
- getMe()


- DELETE requests (deleteFollows and deleteStatusUpdates) are not currently working (I have not yet been able to debug just how AngelList is expecting DELETE requests to be submitted).

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