A base structure for a Python Tornado web service
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This is a base Python tornado framework implementation.


python tornado_server.py --environment=dev


1. All configuration should occur within the settings.py file (with a few minor exceptions such as cookie_secret which are defined in tornado_server.py)

2. All endpoints are defined in torando_server.py

3. All business logic should be defined in files in the app directory and all libraries should be defined in the lib directory.

4. The scripts folder is intended to be used for any support scripts that are not directly used by the tornado instance (such as setup or deamonizing)

5. The default environment is dev, so you do not need to specify the command line environment switch if you are going to run a dev version

6. You can also specify the port to run with the --port=8002 option (where 8002 is the port of your choice). The default port used is 8001.

Out of the box:

1. You can communicate with Mongo instances (see the test_connection endpoint for examples).
  A. You will need to make sure pymongo is installed AND that you are running an instance of mongo that your settings.py defines

2. You can use self.api_response() and it will return/render JSON
  A. if a callback is specified it will return Content-Type of javascript, if a callback is not specified it will return Content-Type of json