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WaterTOS Build Status


Koding Hackathon

Reading legal documents sucks. Finding legal documents is just as bad. We aim to solve both of those issues (theme 3) in an interactive and creative way. A crawler is used to find "legalish" links. The link destinations are then scrutinized by Aylien and our own data extractor. This enables speedy discovery of legal documents and also heightened comprehension of those documents.

If you need a demo user for the voting system you can use username demo and password demo.


1 2 3

APIs Used

  • Google Search API
  • Aylien Text Analysis API

Tools used

  • Portions of Falkirks' PHP routing script and db connector
  • Bootstrap
  • Mustache
  • Bootswatch
  • JQuery
  • wordcloud2.js
  • MongoDB

Contacting us


We have an IRC channel. It is at #teamshog on There is a robot (hubot) called chiphog who will make your life that much better, but he will hog all the chips.


You can email any of the team members listed in the table below for project information. General project inquiries should be dircted to Falkirks.


If you want to use Koding to contact us, feel free.

Automatic Deployments

Team members (in order of joining)

Username First Name Languages Role Timezone Email
Falkirks Noah PHP, JS, Node.js, Java, CSS Team lead UTC-8
MegaSamNinja Samuel PHP, HTML, Basic Phython/JavaScript Design and UI GMT+11
TuffDev Adam PHP, HTML, JavaScript (a little), CSS, MySQL, AJAX Make suggestions and observe proceedings. UTC-4
PEMapModder "Chris" PHP, Java Database GMT+8
99leonchang Leon PHP, HTML, JS, CSS, Rudimentary C++ & Java Backend dev/frontend design UTC+8