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Generates vfdecrypt key for iPhoneOS 3.x/4.x filesystem
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Used to generate vfdecrypt passwords to decrypt iPhone/iPod filesystems.

	genpass <platform> <ramdisk.dmg> <filesystem.dmg>
platform = s5l8900x (for iphone2g, iphone3g, and ipod1g), s5l8720x (for ipod2g), s5l8920x (for iphone3gs), s5l8922x (for ipod3g), or s5l8930 (for ipad1g)
ramdisk.dmg = a decrypted restore or upgrade ramdisk from the IPSW with the target filesystem
filesystem.dmg = the encrypted filesystem you're trying to discover the vfdecrypt key for

Once you've generated key, it will be stored as "vfdecrypt.txt" in the same directory as "genpass.exe"
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