A VB.NET implementation of iRecovery (based on LibUSB)
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vbiRecovery - A VB.NET implementation of iRecovery
Programmed by Fallensn0w.

It's completely open-source, the source-code is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.

  ./vbiRecovery.exe -s             		starts a shell.
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -c <cmd>       		sends a stand-alone command.
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -k <file>      		sends your payload + exploit
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -b                  if choosen true it will boot, otherwise it would be in recovery loop.
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -x <file>      		runs batch commands from a file(one per line).
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -f <file>      		uploads a file.

  ./vbiRecovery.exe -0xA1 <cmd>   		sends a raw to 0xA1
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -0x40 <cmd>    		sends a raw to 0x40
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -0x21 <cmd>    		sends a raw to 0x21
  ./vbiRecovery.exe -arm7          		sends the 2.1.1 iPod Touch 2G arm7_go exploit

Extra commands inside vbiRecovery Shell:
   /exit                                exits the program, disposes current connection.
   /sleep <val>                         this will make vbiRecovery wait <val> in milliseconds (ms).