An interactive exploration into Alzheimer's. Created with the Unreal Engine.
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Falling Up

An Interactive Exploration into Alzheimer's Disease

A Project By: Christian Hughes, Dylan George, & Katie Kristiansen

Falling Up is an interactive story game designed to raise awareness and empathy for sufferers of Alzheimer's Disease.

Falling Up was originally developed by the KSU Anthropology Department. We have improved upon the original version, and added support for many different platforms.

Download Links


Windows PC Mac Google Cardboard Oculus Rift
Version 0.5 Version 0.5 Version 0.5 Version 0.5


Windows PC Mac
Version 0.1 Version 0.1

Game Summary

Falling Up tells the story of an elderly man (Floyd) living in the Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community. For years, he has lived with Alzheimer's disease. He relies on the instructions of his wife to perform even the most basic of tasks, and has forgotten much of his past. The player takes the role of this man (Floyd) as he explores Meadowlark Hills, and rediscovers forgotten memories.

Player Instructions

Traverse the halls of Meadowlark Hills in search of forgotten memories. Interact with objects in the environment to reveal details of your past.

Controls by Platform

Windows/Mac/Oculus Rift Google Cardboard
Player Movement WASD on keyboard or left analog stick Hold button while looking in desired direction
Player View Mouse movement, right analog stick, or HMD movement HMD movement
Interact with Object E or A button Push button while looking at object
Pause Escape or Start button N/A

Developer Documentation

Developer Documentation is available on the Falling Up Wiki:

A running list of bugs and improvements is available on the Issues page.

Game Trailer

Falling Up Trailer


Start Screen Screenshot Apartment Screenshot