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EOS Smart contract for FancyCenter website
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Have you been dreaming of a cool car, a new gadget or some other luxury product? We are giving you a unique opportunity to buy them for a token amount of money, ranging from $1 to $5.

What's inside

This repository contains EOS based smart contract for website.

FancyCenter smart contract is the most secured blockchain lottery application :) Take a look at the source code and few diagrams.

We'll explain why FancyCenter safe and fair.

Fun Fact

Have you already used our free ticket for Apple Watch Series 3? Find more by going

Check Sourcecode Integrity

FancyCenter smartcontact was created using CDT v1.6.2, compilation command is eosio-cpp fancycenter.cpp -o fancycenter.wasm

EOS account: fancycenter5

EOSPark source code verification doesn't support contracts created using CDTs newer than CDT v 1.5. As mentioned here there is no source code compatibility.

There are few simple steps to check FancyCenter smart contract source code integrity between github and EOS Blockchain:

  • checkout source code and using CDT 1.6.2 execute eosio-cpp fancycenter.cpp -o fancycenter.wasm
  • execute shasum -a 256 fancycenter.wasm and save it. This is sha256 of wasm file
  • execute cleos -u get code fancycenter5 and save. This is sha256 of source code retrieved from EOS blockchain
  • compare results. sha256 from blockchain should be equal to sha256 of wasm file

or you can skip step 1 and checkout generated fancycenter.wasm from this repository. For current version shasum is 34cd6755bca9ed0f233d343208b7a076e49ce81e8d4382df90a0a6a4d6f84622

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