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Another related repo:

Language: Python3

Framework: Flask

Database: mongo

Http server: uwsgi & nginx

More on Wiki Page

Quick Start:

  1. Ramp up the environment according to environment.yaml(or requirements.txt)

    Here is an example of using Anaconda:

  • install conda (python3 version) Download Anaconda

  • install dependencies using environment.yaml

    conda env create -f environment.yaml
    source activate p3  (p3 is the env's name, see in environment.yaml)
  1. Install mongodb & redis

  2. Edit the config (see in & Set the environment variables

    1. Check the

    2.    export GITHUB_CLIENT_ID=[your_github_oAuth_Client_ID]
         export GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET=[your_github_oAuth_Client_Secret]
         export INFOX_LOCAL_DATA_PATH=[local path for storing analyzed result (like /Users/fancycoder/infox_data)]
         export INFOX_SECRET_KEY=[a random string(like abcd1234)]
         export INFOX_MAIL_USERNAME=[smtp_username]
         export INFOX_MAIL_PASSWORD=[smtp_password]
  3. Run http server on localhost:

    python runserver --threaded
  4. Run worker for async crawling on localhost:

    celery worker -A celery_worker.celery --loglevel=info

    Use flower to monitor the worker:

    celery flower --port=5555 --broker=redis://localhost:6379/0 --broker_api=redis://localhost:6379/0  
  5. Deploy on server:

    An quick tutorial: A Simple Tutorial for deploying your Flask application with uWSGI + nginx on server without root permission

    Another online tutorial: Serve Flask Applications with uWSGI and Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

Architecture Overview:


Main Part

./app/main - Program Entrance

./app/analyse - Crawler

./app/analyse/ - Start Crawler and do analysis, load result into database.

./app/analyse/ - comparing the diff bewteen two repos.

./app/analyse/ - Download the source code for repo, prepare for calculation for keywords.

./ - Database Model

./app/auth - Logic about account

./app/templates - HTML files(related to ./app/main/

./app/static - CSS/Javascript/Img Resource

./app/tests - Basic Test

Configuration Files

./ - Config for Flask

./config.ini - Config for using uWSGI

./ - Start script for uwsgi

./ - Start script for crawler worker

./ - Start script for testing

./requirements.txt - lib install for pip install

./environment.yaml - env for anaconda

Crawler Part

Under ./app/analyse

./app/analyse/ is the entrance of crawler.

Following is the workflow.



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