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Small web-scraper bot to get list of people with their email
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Github Bot

Useful bot to exploit the github search box in a large scale and send email to the users.

Ethical Concerns

Please do not use that bot for spam, or you might get your account suspended by Github, cf the ToS. Your messages could indicate they're automatically generated.

I personally only use it to ask some developers if they know of job opportunities for me. I could mail each of them manually, but I value my time, and this application is an example of my skills. Also note that the Github API allows to get the name / email of a github user (I just wrote that bot before the Github API got released)


Make sure that you have a working Python 2.x >= 2.6:

$ mkvirtualenv -p python2 github_bot
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use

You have to create a file and fill the following variables

  • github account
  • search informations
    • TYPE_SEARCH (e.g. "Users")
    • TYPE_LANGUAGE (e.g. "Python")
    • LOCATION (e.g. "London")
    • PAGE_START (first page to send mail, usually = 1)
    • USER_START (first user of the PAGE_START to send mail, usually = 1)
  • your email
    • SENDER
    • HOST (e.g.
    • PORT (e.g 587 for google)
  • your message
    • FILE_JOINED (path to the file)

A file is available for commodity, so you can:

$ cp

Then you can run the project:

$ python
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