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A dysfunctional programmer's guide to making things in Hoon.
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Urbit By Doing

A dysfunctional programmer's guide to making things in Hoon.

Note that this hasn't been updated in a while. It uses old Hoon syntax (which is still supported), and hasn't worked with the latest version of Talk/Hall in ages. The material within should still be enough to get you off the ground, but do keep its datedness in mind.


Urbit By Doing is a series of tutorials that focus on writing Hoon applications from scratch. They are targeted at developers with only a very basic understanding of Hoon. If you have worked through the Quickstart and/or Hoon docs, you should be able to follow along. If not, the tutorials aren't well-written enough.

I personally can't guarantee you won't read false information here, but I try to get more qualified eyes on these texts as soon after their initial release as possible. When in doubt, check the official documentation or consult the great minds in the urbit-meta talk station.


Making a talkbot
Part one: Introduction and setup
Part two: A very basic Hoon program
Part three: Connecting to talk
Part four: Listening and responding
To be continued...


This documentation and the code within are available under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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