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~talkbot, the one and only.
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Urbit's first ever talkbot. Say hello to ~talkbot in chat! It tries to be useful, but doesn't do the dishes.

The current code is not reference quality. It's decent, but uses old syntax and is a bit roundabout in places.

Want to make your own, from scratch? Urbit By Doing can teach you how!


When responding to a message, ~talkbot tries to use the message's audience. For complex audiences this does not yet work well. (It has a special case for the different urbit-meta channels, always sending replies to ~binzod/urbit-meta if the audience includes any official urbit-meta channel.)

  • Does various bits of chit-chat.
  • Provides page titles and other URL metadata.
  • Can perform functionality on command.


  • ping Replies with "Pong."
  • !ping Measures round-time to caller by using |hi.
  • !ignoreme To have ~talkbot ignore your messages.
  • !unignoreme (or ~noticeme) to make ~talkbot respond to your messages again.
  • !chopra Posts a fake Deepak Chopra quote.
  • !quote Posts a quote overheard on Urbit.

Future features

  • Automatically post about new issues and pull requests in Urbit repositories.
  • Short-form explanations for runes and terms.
  • So much more.


Pull requests welcome!


~Talkbot's source code is available under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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