Deploying to Azure

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To get Fanray running on Azure involoves creating a few Azure Resources and then simply deploying it.

Azure App Service and SQL Database

To deploy Fanray to Azure App Services, at a minimum you need

  • Azure App Service
  • SQL Database

Go to Azure Portal, click on New and choose Web App + SQL template will create these. Note you will also end up creating a Resource Group, Service Plan and SQL Server through this process.

Here is a screen shot of mine afterward, you can name the resources anything.

Connection String

After creating all the resources, go to your App Service > Application settings, under Connection strings there should be an entry named “defaultConnection” pointing to the SQL server and database you just created.

Storage Account and Application Insights

These are not required, but I recommend them.

Fanray can use Azure Blob storage to store uploaded files and log to Application Insights in addition to log files. These can be configured in appsettings.Production.json.

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After creating these two resources, add your Application Insights Instrumentation Key and Blob storage connection string to your App Service App settings.


There are many ways to deploy to Azure, you can do it from VS or GitHub among other ways. After deployment, launch your site and you should see the blog setup page show up.

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