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OpenDDS is an open-source C++ implementation of the Object Management Group's
specification "Data Distribution Service for Real-time Systems".  Although
OpenDDS is itself developed in C++, Java and JMS bindings are provided so
that Java applications can use OpenDDS -- see java/README and java/jms/README
for details.

OpenDDS is built on the ACE (
abstraction layer to provide platform portability.  OpenDDS also leverages
capabilities of TAO (, such as its IDL compiler
and as the basis of the OpenDDS DCPS Information Repository (DCPSInfoRepo).

The primary development of OpenDDS was done by the ACE/TAO development
team at Object Computing, Incorporated ( in
St. Louis and Phoenix.  It is released under the same generous license
terms as ACE, TAO and MPC.  See the LICENSE file for details.

This directory structure contains OpenDDS

* Documentation

The OpenDDS Developer's Guide is freely downloadable at:

The TAO Developer's Guide book set may also be purchased from:

* Support

OCI strives to make OpenDDS as bug free as possible.  If you encounter
any problems with this release please fill out the PROBLEM-REPORT-FORM
file found in this directory and send to

If you desire responsive commercial support for OCI on any problems
you encounter, we strongly recommend that you set up an account before
you actually need help.  There is no cost to establish a normal
account.  Support charges only apply to work actually delivered.
However, we do offer premium level accounts for customers with
specific support and enhancement needs, and there may be ongoing
charges for such premium service.  To set up a support account or to
find out more about the support options available, please contact

* Features

This release of OpenDDS is based on the DDS Specification formal/2015-04-10
(version 1.4).  It features the following transport protocols:

** IP multicast
** RTPS over UDP/IP (unicast and multicast)

RTPS (Interoperability) features are based on the DDS-RTPS Specification
formal/2014-09-01 (version 2.2).  See the OpenDDS Developer's Guide and
the file docs/design/RTPS for more details on RTPS.

OpenDDS has been found to perform better than other similar TAO
services (notification and real-time event channel) by a factor of two
or three.  The features offered by the RTEC and NS are similar to DDS,
but not identical, so carefully examine your use-cases before choosing
one service over another.  Speed is not the only criterion.

Currently OpenDDS does not support the Data Local Reconstruction Layer
(DLRL) portion of the DDS specification.  See the Developer's Guide for
further information on OpenDDS compliance with the DDS specification.
This document is freely available as a PDF file
from the same location where OpenDDS can be downloaded.  Some
additional notes about compliance with the DDS specification can be
found below.  If you would like have OCI add a feature to OpenDDS
please see the Support section for contact information.

* Dependencies

** TAO

OpenDDS requires TAO for both IDL compilation as well as interaction
with the DCPSInfoRepo.  If you will be using the "configure" script for OpenDDS
(see the INSTALL file for details), you do not need to download TAO first --
the "configure" script will download it for you.

At a minimum, you must be at one of the following versions in order to properly
compile OpenDDS:

*** TAO 2.0a patch 7
*** TAO 2.2a patch 8
*** TAO 2.3.3 (DOC Group)

Note that the 2.0a and 2.2a releases are from OCI and can be obtained
from  The DOC Group releases can be obtained from

OpenDDS Safety Profile requires OCI TAO 2.2a patch 8 or
DOC Group TAO from GitHub master (after 2.3.3 release).

** GNU Make

GNU Make 3.80+ was used for automating the compiling and linking of OpenDDS
on Unix and Linux systems.

** Perl

Perl is used for running the automated tests and examples included in this
source tree and generating Makefiles or Visual Studio project files.  On Windows
we recommend the use of ActiveState Perl.  The configure script also uses Perl.

* Operating Systems

This release of OpenDDS has been tested under the following platforms:

Linux family:
** Red Hat EL 5 and 5.3, x86_64
** Red Hat EL and CentOS 6.6, x86_64
** Red Hat EL 7.1, x86_64
** Fedora Core 6, x86
** Fedora 12 x86_64
** Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, x86_64
** openSUSE 11.4, x86_64

Windows family:
** Windows Server 2003
** Windows 7 (64-bit)
** Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)

** SunOS 5.10 (Solaris 10) (SPARC)
** Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)
** LynxOS-178 (OpenDDS Safety Profile)

We have also built OpenDDS for VxWorks 6.9 and 7 and have run basic
system and performance tests (but not the entire regression test suite).
Please contact or for
more information on support for ACE, TAO, and OpenDDS on VxWorks.

* Compilers

This release of OpenDDS has been tested using the following compilers:

** Microsoft Visual C++ 9 with SP1 (Visual Studio 2008)
** Microsoft Visual C++ 10 with SP1 (Visual Studio 2010)
** Microsoft Visual C++ 11 (Visual Studio 2012)
** Microsoft Visual C++ 12 (Visual Studio 2013)
** Microsoft Visual C++ 14 (Visual Studio 2015)
** gcc 4.1.x
** gcc 4.4.x
** gcc 4.5.x
** gcc 4.8.x
** gcc 5.3
** Clang 3.7 ( and 6.10 (Apple)
** Sun C++ 5.9 SunOS_sparc Patch 124863-01 2007/07/25

* Building and Installing

For building and installation instructions
see the INSTALL file in this directory.

* OpenDDS Compliance with the DDS Specification

See and the OpenDDS Developer's Guide at:


OpenDDS is an open source C++ implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS). OpenDDS also supports Java bindings through JNI.







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