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Highlight the keywords of a page if a visitor is coming from a search engine.
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Django Search Engine Keywords Highlighter,

is a middleware for Django providing the capacities to highlight the user's search keywords if he is coming from a search engine like Google, Yahoo or a custom search form plugged in your Website.

It retrieves the keywords of the search and decorate them with a span markup containing the classes highlight term-X for CSS makuping.


First of all you need to install BeautifulSoup >= 4.0.

Then install the package in your PYTHON_PATH by getting the sources and run or use pip.

$ pip install -e git://


In your settings file, simply add this middleware at the end of the list.


This is it !

Search Engines

Currenty django-sekh supports these search engines :

  • Ask
  • Baidu
  • Bing
  • Google
  • Hotbot
  • Lycos
  • Yahoo

And even if you have a custom search engine plugged on your website, sekh can highlight the searched keywords. Currently sekh will highlight all the terms contained in this list of GET variables :

['highlight', 'hl', 'q', 'query', 'pattern']

You can change the supported values by defining a variable named HIGHLIGHT_GET_VARNAMES representing a list of supported variable names in your project's settings.


If you want to test the highlighter, you can pass keywords in the hl parameter in GET.

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