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File contains the gitmarks object clas.
import sys, os
import urllib, httplib
import re
import csv
import subprocess
import time
import logging
from optparse import OptionParser
import json
import hashlib
# -- Our own gitmarks settings
import settings
#our version of gitmarks
GITMARK_VER_STRING = 'gitmark.0.2'
# Arguments are passed directly to git, not through the shell, to avoid the
# need for shell escaping. On Windows, however, commands need to go through the
# shell for git to be found on the PATH, but escaping is automatic there. So
# send git commands through the shell on Windows, and directly everywhere else.
USE_SHELL = == 'nt'
class gitMark(object):
# -- GitMarks members
# If you add member variables you don't want in a gitmark, delete them in JSONBlock below
# Otherwise self.__dict__ works rong.
uri = None #string
hash = None #hash value
summary = None #string
description = None #string
tags = [] #list of strings of tags
time = None #ISO8601 absolute date time
creator = None
rights = None #creative commons rights string
tri = [] #transitionary resource locator. IRL,, etc
content = None #content of the site. Lazyloads and should do smart local/away fetch
title = None
extended = None
meta = None
private = None
def __init__(self,uri, creator=None, dictValues=None):
# -- temp. Force build deafults before overriding
self.uri = uri
self.hash = self.generateHash(uri)
self.time = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")
self.creator = creator
self.rights = 'CC BY'
self.private = True #default to private for safety
if dictValues:
#DANGER: this is a security danger
#TODO: Do I want to return self?
def addTags(self, stringList):
#if we have more than 1 quote, split by quotes
if(stringList.count('"') > 1):
logging.error('has qouted string! We fail')
else :
list = stringList.split(',')
list = [ l.lstrip().rstrip() for l in list]
#TODO: do some smart string hacking, for different strings
# of data formatting
def noContentSet(self):
returns true of this gitmark is set to 'get no content'
#TODO menoize this result, and kill the menoize if we get
# a change to the tag. Maybe menoize to a hash of the list,
# and if the hash changes, re-calculate?
if 'no content' in self.tags:
return True
elif 'no_content' in self.tags:
return True
return False
def __str__(self):
return '<gitmark obj for "%s" by "%s"\n>' %(self.uri, self.creator)
def setPrivacy(self, privacy):
""" Set this gitmark to be private """
self.private = privacy
def generateHash(self, uri = None):
"""generates a hash for our URI (or the passed
URI if it is not null"""
if(uri == None):
uri = self.uri
m = hashlib.md5()
return m.hexdigest()
def parseTitle(self, content=None):
""" parses the tile from html content, sets it to
our local title value, and returns the title to the caller"""
if(content == None):
content = self.content
self.title = self.cls_parseTitle(content)
return self.title
def getContent(self, uri=None):
Get content from the web, and store it to our local
content structure. IF we have a uri, gets contents from
there instead of our local uri.
if( uri == None):
uri = self.uri
#FUTURE: do we want to allow a different URI to get passed in?
self.content = self.cls_getContent(uri)
def uncacheContent(self, target_file):
Reads content from our local cache if we have it,
otherwise it will fetch that content from the web (not
store it) and save it to the local gitmark.
if os.path.isfile(target_file) :
fh = open(target_file,"r")
self.content =
del fh
print >>sys.stderr, ("Warning: no local content for this gitmark."
"tryig to read from web")
def setTimeIfEmpty(self):
if self.time == None :
self.time = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ")
def cacheContent(self, target_file, content=None):
Write this gitmarks content to the target file. If this
content is specified, then that content is written instead
of the content in this gitmark
if content == None:
if self.content == None:
content = self.content
# -- lazily git store any existing file if necessary
if os.path.isfile(target_file) :
#check the md5 sum of the contet of this file,
#if it does NOT match our new content, then
logging.error("do magic here to md5 sum, and cache file if needed")
if content == None:
content = self.content
self.cls_saveContent(target_file, content)
def addMyselfLocally(self, localGitmarkDir, localTagsDir):
This method causes a gitmark to
add itself to the local repository.
logging.error("not used. old code. Use for reference only")
exit(-5)"adding myself to the local repository")
if(self.private != False):"this is a private mark. Encrypting not yet enabled. Do not store")
else :
# -- write gitmark
fname = os.path.join(localGitmarkDir,self.hash)
#fp = open(fname,"w")'debug fwrite of file "%s"' % fp)'---') self.JSONBlock() )'---')
# add git add here
# -- write tags
fname = os.path.join(localGitmarkDir,self.hash)
fp = open(fname,"w")
prettyTags = self.prettyTags()
uglyTags = self.uglyTags()
tags = set(uglyTags.append(prettyTags))
for tag in tags:
fname = os.path.join(localGitmarkDir,self.hash) 'tag filename "%s" ' %fname )
# add git add here
def JSONBlock(self):
"""creates and retuns a JSON text block of
current members of this gitMark. """
d = self.__dict__
if 'content' in d.keys() :
del d['content'] #remove content, we don't want that
return json.dumps(d,indent=4)
def miniJSONBlock(self):
""" creates and returns a minimun json block, used for tag files """
d = {'hash':self.hash, 'title':self.title, 'uri':self.uri,
'creator':self.creator, 'ver':self.ver }
return json.dumps(d,indent=4)
def prettyTags(self):
""" tags, cleaned from delicious and make nicer looking"""
g = []
for t in self.tags: ( t )
if '_' in t:
g.append(t.replace('_',' '))
g.append(t) g )
return g
def uglyTags(self):
""" tags as gotten raw, un-prettied for search and use"""
return self.tags
def everyPossibleTagList(self):
allTags = self.prettyTags()
allTags = set(allTags)
return allTags
def cls_hydrate(cls, filename):
Create and returns a gitmark object from files on the local filesystem.
f = open(filename,'r')
jsonObj =
del f
obj = json.loads(jsonObj) obj )
mark = gitMark(settings.USER_NAME)
mark.__dict__.update(obj) #force update dict from file
return mark
logging.error( "failed to read/load %s" %filename)
return None
def cls_saveContent(cls, filename, content):
f = open(filename, 'w')
return filename
def cls_generateHash(cls, text):
m = hashlib.md5()
return m.hexdigest()
def cls_getContent(cls, url):
""" Attempts to download content from the specified url,
@return data from the specified URL
h = urllib.urlopen(url)
content =
h = urllib.urlopen(url)
except IOError, e:
print >>sys.stderr, ("Error: could not retrieve the content of a"
" URL. The bookmark will be saved, but its content won't be"
" searchable. URL: <%s>. Error: %s" % (url, e))
content = ''
except httplib.InvalidURL, e: #case: a redirect is giving me, which causes a fail during port-number search due to trailing :
print >>sys.stderr, ("Error: url or url redirect contained an"
"invalid URL. The bookmark will be saved, but its content"
"won't be searchable. URL: <%s>. Error: %s" % (url, e))
return content
def cls_parseTitle(cls, content):
if content == None : return '[No Title]'
re_htmltitle = re.compile(".*<title>(.*)</title>.*")
t =
title =
except AttributeError:
title = '[No Title]'
return title
def gitAdd(cls, files, forceDateTime=None, gitBaseDir=None):
""" add this git object's files to the local repository"""
# TRICKY:Set the authoring date of the commit based on the imported timestamp. git reads the GIT_AUTHOR_DATE environment var.
# TRICKTY: sets the environment over to the base directory of the gitmarks base
cwd_dir = os.path.abspath(os.getcwd())
if gitBaseDir: os.chdir(os.path.abspath(gitBaseDir))
if forceDateTime : os.environ['GIT_AUTHOR_DATE'] = forceDateTime['git', 'add'] + files, shell=USE_SHELL)
if forceDateTime : del os.environ['GIT_AUTHOR_DATE']
if gitBaseDir: os.chdir(cwd_dir)
def gitCommit(cls, msg, gitBaseDir = None):
""" commit the local repository to the server"""
# TRICKTY: sets the environment over to the base directory of the gitmarks base
cwd_dir = os.path.abspath(os.getcwd())
if gitBaseDir: os.chdir(os.path.abspath(gitBaseDir))['git', 'commit', '-m', msg], shell=USE_SHELL)
if gitBaseDir: os.chdir(cwd_dir)
def gitPush(cls, gitBaseDir = None):
""" push the local origin to the master"""
# TRICKTY: sets the environment over to the base directory of the gitmarks base
cwd_dir = os.path.abspath(os.getcwd())
if gitBaseDir: os.chdir(os.path.abspath(gitBaseDir)) os.getcwd() )
pipe = subprocess.Popen("git push origin master", shell=True) #Tricky: shell must be true
if gitBaseDir: os.chdir(cwd_dir)
class gitmarkRepoManager(object):
def __init__(self): "initalizing a repo manager")