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- If you plan to use `GiftedChat` inside a `Modal`, see [#200](
## Notes for local development
You can use [`wml`]( to keep the example app in sync
with any changes you make to the library during development. Steps:
1. Install it: `npm install -g wml`
2. Configure it: `wml add . example/node_modules/react-native-gifted-chat` from the root directory
3. `cd example`
4. `npm start`
5. `wml start` in another terminal window (doesn't matter where)
Note that it's important for `wml start` to come **after** `npm start`, or you'll get `Can't find entry file index.js` errors.
If you have any issues, you can clear your watches using `watchman watch-del-all` and try again.
## License

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