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Update documentation for publish beta releases

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@@ -27,11 +27,19 @@ will check the `OS_AUTO_UPDATE_URL` in the JWT.
Users may opt into beta updates by settings `os_beta_updates: true` on their
device's `FbosConfig` endpoint.

The system works the same as production, except that the release is drafted based
on the `beta` branch. The other change is that CircleCI publishes a _real_ release
overwriting a previous release of this version if it exists. the release is tagged
as `pre_release: true` in GitHub releases. this prevents the production system
from downloading `beta` updates.
Beta releases are constructed by creating a tag off of the `staging` branch.

1) update `VERSION`.
* Should follow `X.Y.Z-rcN`
2) update ``.
* Topmost version should contain: `vX.Y.Z`
3) Commit release.
* Message should follow format: `Release vX.Y.Z-rcN`
4) push `staging`
* `git push origin staging`
5) tag
* `git tag v$(cat VERSION)`
* `git push origin v$(cat VERSION)`

## NervesHub System
The NervesHub system is simpiler to use, but more complex to setup.

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