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gabrielburnworth authored and ConnorRigby committed Jul 24, 2019
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# v7

* FarmBot OS now uses Python 3 rather than Python 2 when running Farmware. If you have added custom or 3rd-party Farmware, please check to make sure your FarmBot is still running as expected.

# v8

This release uses an improved Farmware API:
* If you have previously added custom or 3rd-party Farmware, you will need to reinstall the Farmware using the new manifest format.

* If you are a Farmware developer using Farmware Tools (`import farmware_tools`), the reinstalled Farmware should continue working as before. If you have authored a Farmware that does not use the package, you will need to replace any FarmBot device communication in your Farmware to use the `farmware_tools` package.

* See the [Farmware developer documentation]( for more information.

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