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Charter of Principles


In order to tackle the challenges related to declining quality and in some regions scarcity of food resources it is important to build foster open community structures devoted to the research, education, and application of new technologies for agriculture and farming that are open and contextualized.

The Farm Labs Initiative is hereby presented through its charter of principles:

1. What is a Farmlab?

A Farm Lab is one unit of a global network of Farms - an Open Agriculture Network - that independently from it’s size holds a set of Open Agriculture Tools and test fields. These are commons managed and maintained and should host experiments for agriculture development.

2. What’s in a Farm Lab?

The Farm Lab holds a set of Open Agriculture Tools to be used on attached or neighboring farm sites. Those Farm sites preferably belong to the Farm Lab and communally-managed. Each Farm Lab works for its community and for the whole, since all experiments and findings are object of open publishing.

3. What is Open Agriculture?

An open source set of Agriculture and Farming technologies, that enable an open ecosystem towards healthier and more sustainable food production systems.

based on:

“An open source ecosystem of food technologies to create healthier,
more engaging and more inventive food systems.
Grow local, from anywhere.”
(“OpenAg Initiative — Farming for the Future,” n.d.)

(Open definition)
“Knowledge is open if anyone is free to access, use, modify,
and share it — subject, at most, to measures that preserve
provenance and openness.”
(“Open Definition 2.1 - Open Definition -
Defining Open in Open Data,
Open Content and Open Knowledge,” n.d.)

The Farm Labs project is aimed at relating Openness and Agriculture accessing its benefits and contributions towards better food (in terms of quality, availability, universality, diversity and sustainability). This implies continuous assessment which will also derive in an evolutive approach to the overall concept(s) which will consequently influence the revision of the Open Agriculture definition.

4. What are Open Agriculture Tools?

Open Agriculture Tools collect and openly share data about agricultural processes, work on data treatment and processing making it meaningful and useful for usage on collaborative processes and/or to be integrated back on agricultural processes through the same or other tools.

5. Who can use a Farm Lab?

Farm Labs are accessible to all it’s members and to the community; The members should decide on the format of access to the physical facilities and tools.

KEY PRINCIPLES (to build upon for future versions and revisions of the document)

  • Collaboration;
  • Knowledge Sharing;
  • Resources Optimization;
  • Food For All;
  • Improve food quality;
  • Nutrition.