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SpottyBot - A Twitch Spotify Bot

Tracklist updated: 03.10.2015 - Bugs Fixed!

SpottyBot is a Twitch IRC bot for Windows which plays only TOS compliment music via your desktop Spotify application!

Twitch announced a list of tracks made available to Twitch broadcasters to use freely in Twitch live and recorded videos using SpottyBot means your VODS should no longer get muted and you can appeal them if they do!

Plus! Users in your Twitch chat room can now control the music playing on your Twitch stream and as a streamer you can be sure you are not breaking any laws or the Twitch terms of service!

SpottyBot allows users in your chat room to control the music via a voting system and discover the currently playing music track! Users can type three commands: !skip, !keep and !song

The current app song list is over 500 songs! Twitch Music

This is SpottyBot

SpottyBot v2



IMPORTANT! You will need a few things before you start:

You need to have a Spotify account. Create Spotify Account
You need to launch Spotify on your streaming desktop or laptop computer. Install Spotify
You need a spare or new twitch bot account.
You need to download SpottyBot for your OS.

Download SpottyBot

Windows 32Bit
Windows 64Bit

Start SpottyBot

  1. You need to create a new twitch account for your SpottyBot, call it something like TimsJukeBox or FMDMusicBot.
  2. You need to get an oauth token for the bot to connect it to Twitch. Create oauth token
  3. Make sure the Spotify Desktop app is open on your streaming PC.
  4. Launch SpottyBot and fill in your details.

Start the app playing music!

Type !adminstart in your Twitch chat room. This is a Broadcaster only command.

Chat client commands

!adminstart - Only the broadcaster can use this.
!adminskip - Admin can skip the track.
!song - List the current song playing.
!skip - Votes to skip the track.
!keep - Votes to keep the track.


Coming Soon!

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