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Sentry smart mailer

A sentry plugin that adds some more logic on error notification rules. By default Sentry sends an email when an error is first received and when the error gets received after it was marked as resolved.

By enabling the plugin you will get an email notification if the same error gets received frequently (1 email after 10, another after 100 and so on with log 10).

Also it will resend an email when the same error 'reappears' after 1 months.

Also, it integrates with the sentry_defcon plugin so that when sentry is receiving lots of errors, it will stop sending email until the error/rate decrease to a safer level (aka it stops spamming your inbox).

At this present this plugin requires my forked version of Sentry, the install of the right sentry package should be handled by the correctly, in case you have issues you install it directly from the github repo.