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MEK: updating release notes for 3.1.7, including thank-yous

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kriegsman committed Jan 12, 2018
1 parent db7e942 commit 50186de3d9033e72bf07e17b4e224f48a07e6add
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* Added support for Adafruit Circuit Playground Express (Thanks to Lady Ada)
* Improved support for Adafruit Gemma and Trinket m0 (Thanks to Lady Ada)
* Added support for PJRC's WS2812Serial (Thanks to Paul Stoffregen)
* Added support for ATmega328 non-picopower hardware pins (Thanks to John Whittington)
* Fixes for ESP32 support (Thanks to Daniel Tullemans)
* 'Makefile' compilation fix (Thanks to Nico Hood)
* Preliminary support for esp32
* Variety of random bug fixes

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