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FASTPAY Initial Upload of Payment Module Jun 30, 2019

Prestashop V 1.7.x IPN – Fast-Pay Online Payment Module

FASTPAY-Online Payment Gateway

This Module Work for Prestashop V 1.7.x

Installation Steps:

Please follow these steps to install the FASTPAY Payment Gateway module.

  • Step 1: First Download the File from fastpay/Prestashop-V-1.7.x-IPN.
  • Step 2: Unzip Prestashop-V-1.7.x-IPN.
  • Step 3: Only Zip FASTPAY folder.
  • Step 4: Upload file to Prestashop admin panel.
  • Step 5: Follow the navigation IMPROVE >> Modules >> Modules & Services >> FASTPAY (Search for FASTPAY).
  • Step 6: After successful installation go to FASTPAY Configure.
  • Step 7: In configuration keep Active Module Yes to active/ No to inactive.
  • Step 8: Keep Live Mode Yes if you want to use your Securepay/Live Merchant ID & Merchant Password.
  • Step 9: Set module Title, this will show to checkout page.
  • Step 10: Set your valid Merchant ID, Merchant Password provided from SSLCommerz (Mandatory).
  • Step 11: You can set additional information to Details.
  • Step 12: Copy your IPN URL and set URL to your merchant panel (Auto Generated).

Addition Information:

  • This module allows you to accept secure payments by FASTPAY.
  • Initially the order status will change to ‘Processing in progress’.
  • Order Status (Payment Success): Should be ‘Payment accepted’ or Complete.
  • Order Status (Payment Failed): Should be ‘Payment error’.
  • Order Status (Payment Canceled): Should be ‘Canceled’.
  • IPN URL: Find IPN URL from FASTPAY settings or


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