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@Detrav Detrav released this Sep 10, 2019

🔨 graphics dependency changed from CoreCompat.System.Drawing to System.Drawing.Common

added a new Json data connection integrated into the engine
added RepeatBandNTimes property for bands
added Bezier curve for polygons
added a new time format minutes:seconds [mm:ss]

🐛 fixed TypeConverter on the TextObject.ParagraphFormat property
🐛 fixed a bug with breaking ManualBuild table with CanBreak = false
🐛 fixed a bug with changing the GroupHeaderBand hierarchy if it had a child GroupHeaderBand
🐛 fixed a bug when font changed in parent report were not changed in inherited report
🐛 fixed image size calculation when AutoSize is enabled in the preparation stage
🐛 fixed a bug with display on the penultimate page with PageFooter PrintOn = LastPage

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