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Get subscription

Returns a single subscription identified by its reference. You can get that reference by defining a Postback notification.

GET /company/{company}/subscription/{reference}

  <status>active | inactive</status>
  <statusReason>canceled-non-payment | completed | canceled</statusReason>
  <cancelable>true | false</cancelable>
  <test>true | false</test>


curl -i -X GET -u {username}:{password}{company}/subscription/{reference}

Update subscription

Updates an existing subscription. All elements are optional.

  • firstName First name
  • lastName Last name
  • company Company name or empty
  • email Email address
  • phoneNumber Phone number
  • productPath Partial URL Path. E.g. /plana. See Page Linking Options.
  • quantity Value greater than zero.
  • tags Comma separated tag names and values.
  • no-end-date No content. If present the end-date will be removed.
  • coupon Coupon code to apply.
  • discount-duration Either absolute (1, 3, ...), relative (+1, +2, -3, ...) or an empty value. A discount-duration needs always a coupon. That coupon needs to be set either before or in the same request. Empty means that the discount will be unlimited. If discount duration falls below 1 (either via absolute or relative requests) we'll remove the coupon (and thus discount) from that subscription.
  • proration If true a prorated refund will be made to reimburse the customer for their current use. See Upgrading / Downgrading / Changing Plans.

PUT /company/{company}/subscription/{reference}

  • Returns 200: OK on success. The response contains updated subscription data. See Get Subscription.
  • Returns 403: Forbidden if un-canceling isn't possible anymore.
  • Returns 400: Bad Request if the request was invalid. The response will contain a detailed description.
  • Returns 422: Unprocessable entity if productPath was unknown.
  • Returns 412: Precondition Failed [error_code] if it wasn't able to perform the update. Error codes: not-changeable, discount-zero-or-less, end-date-not-supported, end-date-too-early, next-period-date-empty, next-period-date-not-supported-on-demand, next-period-date-too-early, proration-not-supported-on-demand, proration-not-supported-not-started, proration-not-supported-refund-period-expired, quantity-zero-or-less, invalid-coupon, invalid-subtotal.
  • Returns 500: Internal Server Error if an unexpected server error happened.


curl -i -X PUT -H 'Content-Type: application/xml' -u {username}:{password} -d '<subscription><productPath>/plana</productPath><quantity>10</quantity><tags>tagWithQuantity=5,tag2,tag3</tags><no-end-date/><coupon>TSTCPN</coupon><discount-duration>1</discount-duration><proration>true</proration></subscription>'{company}/subscription/{reference}

Cancel subscription

The delete action causes the cancellation of a subscription at next period.

DELETE /company/{company}/subscription/{reference}

Returns HTTP status code 200 on success.


curl -i -X DELETE -H 'Content-Type: application/xml' -u {username}:{password}{company}/subscription/{reference}

Renew subscription

Renews the subscription according to the predefined conditions. Applies to On-Demand subscriptions only. Renews are limited to 1 per day / 4 successful per 30 days.

POST /company/{company}/subscription/{reference}/renew

  • Returns 201 Created{company}/order/{reference} if the renew was successful and an order has been created.
  • Returns 422: Unprocessable entity [error_code] if it wasn't able to create an order. The subscription will fall into dunning mode and a notification will be sent. See Payment Follow-up Notifications and Reminders. Error codes: subscription-not-active, rebill-limit-exceeded, next-charge-not-due, unsupported-country, expired-card, declined, risk, processor-risk, unknown, cc-address-verification, cc-cvv, voice-auth
  • Returns 503: Service Unavailable if the subscription isn't of type on-demand or if the subscription fell into dunning mode due to a failed payment (see 422).


curl -i -X POST -u {username}:{password}{company}/subscription/{reference}/renew

For testing purposes the API accepts a simulate parameter containing either 'success' or 'failure':

curl -i -X POST -u {username}:{password} -d 'simulate=failure'{company}/subscription/{reference}/renew
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