Network bandwidth shaper for OpenVZ/PCS/Virtuozzo with IPv6 and hash filter features
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This script can restrict both incoming and outgoing speed for OpenVZ (OpenVZ 2.6.18 and 2.6.32 supported) containters and provide IPv4 and IPv6 support.

Author: Pavel Odintsov / pavel.odintsov [at]


  • Parallels Virtuozzo
  • Parallels Cloud Server
  • OpenVZ/RHEL5 2.6.18
  • OpenVZ/RHEL6 2.6.32


  • venet support
  • Rock stable, tested very thoroughly for many years
  • Tc and HTB based
  • Complete IPv4 and IPv6 traffic shaping
  • Very fast hash based filtering rules (only 2 lookups for thousands of filters)
  • Incoming and outgoing traffic shaping (please be very careful with INCOMING shaping feature!)


  • How much IP's I could have on single server? Tested up to few thousands
  • What license? GPLv2 (please be careful because we changed license at 10 Nov 2014)
  • Do you have support for multiple IPs per containter? Yes!
  • Do you have support for IPv6? Yes, we have it!
  • Do you have veth support? Unfortunately, not because IP configuration for veth is not standard.
  • How I can manage speed for different CT? You need change only one Perl function.


  • Install required Perl module: yum install -y perl-Net-CIDR-Lite
  • Put into PATH folder (e.g. /usr/bin)
  • Put fastvps_openvz_shaper_config to /etc/ folder (it's config with some logic)
  • Change Perl subroutine in fastvps_openvz_shaper_config to your speed determining logic (by default all CT shaped to 30mbps)
  • Add to cron for run every 10-60 minutes.

Please be careful! We can't restrict incoming speed from external Internet to customer but we can slow down speed from hardware node to customer.