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hellothing NB-IoT Arduino Shield

This is a library for the hellothing NB-IoT Arduino shield. For more information about the setup of the device and the library click here.


  • Temperature sensor - This is a basic example to display basic TCP/IP communication with the onboard temperature sensor.

  • Leak detector - This is a use case to build remote leak detection unit with the option of system control eg. A geyser with a flow valve. ** External hardware needed.


  • A0 - Temperature sensor
  • A1 - Modem current
  • D2 - Button
  • D3 - Accelerometer interrupt
  • D8 - Modem 1.8V ok
  • D9 - Modem enable
  • D10 - Test LED 0
  • D11 - Test LED 1
  • D12 - Modem Rx
  • D13 - Modem Tx


The shield is powered through the Arduino. The Arduino can be powered as normal either by the USB cable or an external power supply(7-12V).

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