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* Rework nixos install procedure

Add a nix derivation for fastermelee 5.9. default.nix is a wrapper
around fastermelee-5.9 that will later be able to also install

Make shell.nix a true shell instead of a half-baked derivation

Update to reflect these changes

Resolves: #12

* Fix 5.8.7 build

Make the WxUtils patch that fixes #58 also be called when installing 5.8.7

* Refactor 5.9 derivation

* Refactor 5.9 derivation

* Refactor 5.9 derivation

* Add support for 5.8.7

Co-authored-by: kosterheld <>

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Faster Melee Installer for Linux

A script for compiling Faster Melee on Linux. Current Version: 5.9

Currently tested on Arch, Ubuntu, centOS 7.3, NixOS 19.03, and others, but should work across all distributions given the right dependencies. Older versions can be found under config/legacy/.

Join the official Faster Melee Discord Channel for support!

Dependencies needed (install these first!)

For most users (including Fedora 24+), see this page for an easy to install list of dependencies; otherwise, see below.


See attached README, written by fletchers#4892

Solus (possible list, untested):

sudo eopkg it -c system.devel

sudo eopkg it libgtk-2-devel libgtk-3-devel wxwidgets-devel libsm-devel gtest-devel llvm-devel lzo-devel mbedtls-devel miniupnpc-devel libxrandr-devel libxi-devel alsa-lib-devel bluez-devel mesalib-devel curl-devel enet-devel libevdev-devel pulseaudio-devel libusb-devel openal-soft-devel portaudio-devel sdl2-devel SFML-devel soundtouch-devel git cmake pkg-config gcc readline-devel libxext-devel libao-devel

To use:

sh -c "$(curl -Ls"

If a different version is needed (e.g. not Discord/SL default), edit the script and replace the desired variables.

Packed config structure: main folder named Binaries/, with User/, Sys/, portable.txt, and version-####.txt(optional) packed inside.


v1.9: Portability readded; switched back to tarballs w/ patching; removed date timestamp, now prompts to overwrite.

v1.8.2: Bug fixes, modularity added.

v1.8.1: Cleans out incomplete installations.

v1.8: Rewrote installer, now includes dual support for 5.0.3 and 5.5, with prompts for everything else.

v1.7: 5.5 support, added adapter setup support, later improved by /u/folfess.

v1.6: 5.0.3 support.

v1.5: Moved required files to GitHub for easier updates, edited RasterFont.cpp to prevent error. Credit: Mystro256, /u/74aaa92.

v1.4: Added general POSIX support, works on Debian now; changed libcurl to wget Credit: /u/folfess.

v1.3-reg1: Final version, attempting to avoid cloning Ishiiruka causes unfixable errors with netplay.

Thanks to:

/u/ParadigmComplex. Seriously, I could not have finished the original script without this guy.

/u/jojorino and Hannesmann, always testing and helping, as well as the rest of the FM discord!

Also thanks to xanax, CilanMan, /u/algebra123230, /u/folfess for incremental improvements!

Other resources:

AUR package

PKGBUILDs for FM 5.0.3 and 5.0-321


Linux cross-distro compatible installer/builder for Faster Melee



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