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Improve javadocs wrt currently supported @JsonFormat#shape values.

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commit 2dd74e947337c0dad58ca0cf8447814105eb30f0 1 parent c1674bb
Tatu Saloranta cowtowncoder authored
Showing with 12 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +12 −1 src/main/java/com/fasterxml/jackson/annotation/
13 src/main/java/com/fasterxml/jackson/annotation/
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
* or String (such as ISO-8601 compatible time value) -- as well as configuring
* exact details with {@link #pattern} property.
- * As of Jackson 2.0, known special handling include:
+ * As of Jackson 2.1, known special handling include:
* <li>{@link java.util.Date}: Shape can be {@link Shape#STRING} or {@link Shape#NUMBER};
* pattern may contain {@link java.text.SimpleDateFormat}-compatible pattern definition.
@@ -31,6 +31,17 @@
* <li>Can now be used on Classes (types) as well, for modified default behavior, possibly
* overridden by per-property annotation
* </li>
+ * <li>{@link java.lang.Enum}s: Shapes {@link Shape#STRING} and {@link Shape#NUMBER} can be
+ * used to change between numeric (index) and textual (name or <code>toString()</code>);
+ * but it is also possible to use {@link Shape#OBJECT} to serialize (but not deserialize)
+ * {@link java.lang.Enum}s as JSON Objects (as if they were POJOs). NOTE: serialization
+ * as JSON Object only works with class annotation;
+ * will not work as per-property annotation.
+ * </li>
+ * <li>{@link java.util.Collection}s can be serialized as (and deserialized from) JSON Objects,
+ * if {@link Shape#OBJECT} is used. NOTE: can ONLY be used as class annotation;
+ * will not work as per-property annotation.
+ * </li>
* @since 2.0
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