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Project: jackson-databind
Versions: 3.x (for earlier see VERSION-2.x)
=== Releases ===
3.0.0 (not yet released)
#1058: Add a way to pass std and format-specific parser/generator flags during
parser/generation construction
#1600: Serializing locale with underscore, not standard hyphen
(requested by Alexander K)
#1762: `StdDateFormat`: serialize time offset using colon
#1772: Remove `MapperFeature. USE_STD_BEAN_NAMING`
#1773: Remove `MapperFeature.AUTO_DETECT_xxx` features
#1774: Merge Java8 datatype (`Optional`, `Stream`) support (`jackson-datatype-jdk8`
#1775: Merge Java8 parameter name support (`jackson-module-parameter-names`)
#1781: Return `ObjectNode` from `ObjectNode` set-methods in order to allow better chaining
(reported by timo-schmid@github)
#1789: Add `createGenerator` methods in `ObjectMapper`, `ObjectWriter`
#1790: Add `createParser` methods in `ObjectMapper`, `ObjectReader`
#1883: Add "abstract type mapping" for deserialization from `Map<ENUMTYPE,V>`
into `EnumMap` (and `Set<ENUMTYPE>` to `EnumSet<EnumType>`)
#1888: Merge `ResolvableSerializer` into `JsonSerializer`, `ResolvableDeserializer`
into `JsonDeserializer`
#1889: Merge `ContextualSerializer` into `JsonSerializer`, `ContextualDeserializer`
into `JsonDeserializer`
#1916: Change `MapperFeature.USE_GETTERS_AS_SETTERS)` default to `false`
#1917: Remove `canSerialize` and `canDeserialize` methods from `ObjectMapper`
#1954: Add Builder pattern for creating configured `ObjectMapper` instances
#1955: Change the way `Module`s configure, interact with `ObjectMapper`
#1973: Remove support for "default [Map] key serializer" configuration from
#1994: Limit size of `SerializerCache`, auto-flush on exceeding
#1995: Limit size of `DeserializerCache`, auto-flush on exceeding
#2013: Allows use of `java.nio.file.Path` for `readValue()`, `writeValue()`
(requested by XakepSDK@github; contributed by Sven D)
#2040: Remove `JsonSerializer.isEmpty()` from 3.0
#2176: Add `JsonMapper.shared()` static method
#2177: Change parent type of `JsonProcessingException` to be `RuntimeException`
#2405: Make `java.sql.Date` serializer default to same output as `java.util.Date`
#2411: `valueToTree()` during serialization (via `SerializerProvider()`)
(requested by XakepSDK@github)
#2539: Add `Deserializers.hasDeserializerFor()` (and something for `DeserializerFactory`)
to allow detection of explicitly supported types
#2713: Change wording of `UnrecognizedPropertyException` to refer to "property" not "field"
#2828: Add `DatabindException` as intermediate subtype of `JsonMappingException`
#3028: Change `UUIDSerializer` to use `StreamWriteCapability` check instead of
#3037: Rename `Module` as `JacksonModule` in 3.0 (to avoid overlap with `java.lang.Module`)
#3044: Rename `JsonDeserializer`/`JsonSerializer` as `ValueDeserializer`/`ValueSerializer`
#3046: Rename `JsonSerializable` as `JacksonSerializable`
#3047: Rename `Bean[De]SerializerModifier` as `Value[De]SerializerModifier`
#3536: Create new exception type `JsonNodeException` for use by `JsonNode`-related problems
#3542: Rename "com.fasterxml.jackson" -> "tools.jackson"
#3601: Change `Optional` deserialization from "absent" value into `null`, from "empty"
- Remove `MappingJsonFactory`
- Add context parameter for `TypeSerializer` contextualization (`forProperty()`)