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Jackson (Java) data format module that supports reading and writing CBOR ("Concise Binary Object Representation") encoded data. Module extends standard Jackson streaming API (JsonFactory, JsonParser, JsonGenerator), and as such works seamlessly with all the higher level data abstractions (data binding, tree model, and pluggable extensions).


This module is considered stable and production quality (since 2.4). Similar to JSON- and other JSON-like backends, it implementsfull support for all levels (streaming, data-binding, tree model).

Maven Central Javadoc


Minor limitations exist with respect to advanced type-handling of CBOR format:

  • While tags are written for some types (BigDecimal, BigInteger), they are not handling on parsing

Maven dependency

To use this extension on Maven-based projects, use following dependency:


(or whatever version is most up-to-date at the moment)


Basic usage is by using CborFactory in places where you would usually use JsonFactory:

CBORFactory f = new CBORFactory();
ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper(f);
// and then read/write data as usual
SomeType value = ...;
byte[] cborData = mapper.writeValueAsBytes(value);
SomeType otherValue = mapper.readValue(cborData, SomeType.class);

Implementation allows use of any of 3 main operating modes:

  • Streaming API (CBORParser and CBORGenerator)
  • Databinding (via ObjectMapper / ObjectReader / ObjectWriter)
  • Tree Model (using TreeNode, or its concrete subtype, JsonNode -- not JSON-specific despite the name)

and all the usual data-binding use cases exactly like when using JSON or Smile (2 canonical 100% supported Jackson data formats).


  • Wiki (includes Javadocs)