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This is a multi-module umbrella project for various Jackson Datatype modules to support 3rd party Collection libraries.

Currently included are:


All modules are licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Build Status

Build Status

Usage, general

Maven dependencies

To use these format backends Maven-based projects, use following dependency:


where COLLECTION would be one of guava, hppc, pcollections, or eclipse-collections (replace version with the latest available).

You may also use jackson-bom for defining consistent sets of versions of various Jackson components.

NOTE! Parent pom itself only specifies defaults to individual modules but DOES NOT include them, so you CAN NOT just add dependency to jackson-datatypes-collections. Individual datatype modules need to be included explicitly (or via some other pom that depends on them).

Registration with ObjectMapper

Like all standard Jackson modules (libraries that implement Module interface), registration for Collections datatypes is done using one of 2 mechanisms:

ObjectMapper mapper;

// New; 2.10.x / 3.0:
mapper = JsonMapper.builder() // or mapper for other formats
    .addModule(new GuavaModule())
    .addModule(new HppcModule())
    .addModule(new PCollectionsModule())

// Old (2.x), not available on 3.x:
mapper = new ObjectMapper() // or mapper for other formats
    .registerModule(new GuavaModule())
    .registerModule(new HppcModule())
    .registerModule(new PCollectionsModule())
    .registerModule(new EclipseCollectionsModule())

after which datatype read/write support is available for all normal Jackson operations, including support for nested types.

Usage, per-datatype

See READMEs of individual modules for datatype-specific configuration, options and so on:

Usage with Spring Boot

public Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilderCustomizer customize()
    return builder -> builder.modules( new GuavaModule() );


Jackson project that contains various collection-oriented datatype libraries: Eclipse Collections, Guava, HPPC, PCollections




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