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Jackson JSON Processor Home

Inspired by the quality and variety of XML tooling available for the Java platform (StAX, JAXB, etc.), the http://jackson.codehaus.org is a multi-purpose Java library for processing http://json.org data format. Jackson aims to be the best possible combination of fast, correct, lightweight, and ergonomic for developers.


First things first:

  • JacksonInFiveMinutes gives you reasonable overview of basic usage
  • JacksonLicensing page outlines what Open Source licenses are used with Jackson (ASL, LGPL)
  • JacksonFAQ covers various other aspects, including common usage cases.
  • http://jackson-users.ning.com is the place to learn even more about Jackson community, things other users do and share, as well as future development plans.


After introduction, you may want to know who is already using Jackson for production work:

Get it!

And then it may be time to check Jackson out:

JacksonDownload has all the artifacts (jars, sources) you need; specifically, JacksonRelease18 which is the latest official version.


http://jackson.codehaus.org at Codehaus has more day-to-day information about development process, and active Open Source developers working on Jackson

In addition to the core project, there are numerous extensions that provide additional functionality and support for third-party libraries and data types:

  • JacksonFeatureModules are pluggable components that extend out-of-box functionality to support additional data types or JVM languages. Check out JacksonModuleProjects page for complete listing of known module projects.
  • There are also projects that offer support for alternative data formats beyond JSON (like XML, BSON); see JacksonOutsideofJSON page to learn more.

More to Learn

And if (when!) this all looks good, there is plenty more to learn:


Beyond these first steps, you may want to investigate these resources:


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