Multi-module project that contains Jackson-based JAX-RS providers for JSON, XML, YAML, Smile, CBOR formats


This is a multi-module project that contains Jackson-based JAX-RS providers for following data formats:

Providers implement JAX-RS MessageBodyReader and MessageBodyWriter handlers for specific data formats. They also contain SPI settings for auto-registration.

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Module is fully functional and considered mature.

Maven dependency

To use JAX-RS on Maven-based projects, use dependencies like:


(above is for JSON provider; modify appropriately for other providers)

Usage: registering providers

Due to auto-registration, it should be possible to simply add Maven dependency (or include jar if using other build systems) and let JAX-RS implementation discover provider. If this does not work you need to consult documentation of the JAX-RS implementation for details.

To use Jackson with Jersey see their documentation.

Usage: registering supporting datatypes module

As of Jackson 2.8, there is a small supporting datatype module, jackson-datatype-jaxrs (see under datatypes/). It will not be auto-registered automatically (unless user calls ObjectMapper.findAndRegisterModules()); instead, user has to register it by normal means:

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
mapper.registerModule(new Jaxrs2TypesModule());
// and then register mapper with JAX-RS provider(s)

and ensuring that configured mapper is used by JAX-RS providers.

It is possible that later versions of providers may offer additional ways to get datatype module registered.

Annotations on resources

In addition to annotation value classes, it is also possible to use a subset of Jackson annotations with provider.

Here is a short list of supported annotations that work with all formats:

  • @JsonView can be used to define active view for specific endpoint
  • @JsonRootName can be used to specify alternate rootname; most often used with XML, but possibly with JSON as well.
  • @JacksonAnnotationsInside meta-annotation may be used as a marker, to create "annotation bundles", similar to how they are used with value type annotations
  • com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs.annotation.JacksonFeatures can be used with all provid to enable/disable
    • SerializationFeature / DeserializationFeature for data-binding configuration
    • JsonParser.Feature / JsonGenerator.Feature for low(er) level Streaming read/write options

In addition there are format-specific annotations that may be used:

  • JSON has:
    • com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs.json.annotation.JSONP to define JSONP wrapping for serialized result


For documentation, downloads links, check out Wiki