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Jackson module that uses bytecode generation to further speed up data binding (+30-40% throughput for serialization, deserialization)
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Module that will add dynamic bytecode generation for standard Jackson POJO serializers and deserializers, eliminating majority of remaining data binding overhead.

Plugs in using standard Module interface (requiring Jackson 2.0.0 or above).

For Javadocs, Download, see: Wiki.


At this point module should be considered experimental, but it does work for use cases I have tried so far; including jvm-serializers [] benchmark (where it helps Jackson data-bind get within 10-15% of "jackson/manual" performance; and 15-20 for Smile).

Current master branch is based on Jackson 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT: older builds (1.9.4) are still available, and source is under "1.x" branch.


Maven dependency

To use module on Maven-based projects, use following dependency:


(or whatever version is most up-to-date at the moment)


For non-Maven use cases, you download jars from Central Maven repository or Download page.

Databind jar is also a functional OSGi bundle, with proper import/export declarations, so it can be use on OSGi container as is.

Registering module

To use the the Module in Jackson, simply register it with the ObjectMapper instance:

Object mapper = new ObjectMapper()
mapper.registerModule(new AfterburnerModule());

after which you just do data-binding as usual:

Value val = mapper.readValue(jsonSource, Value.class);
mapper.writeValue(new File("result.json"), val);


Check out Wiki.

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