Jackson Release 2.9.7

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Patch version of 2.9, released September 19, 2018.

Following fixes are included.

Changes, core


  • #476: Problem with BufferRecycler via async parser (or when sharing parser across threads)
  • #477: Exception while decoding Base64 value with escaped = character


  • #2060: UnwrappingBeanPropertyWriter incorrectly assumes the found serializer is of type UnwrappingBeanSerializer
  • #2064: Cannot set custom format for `SqlDateSerialize
  • #2079: NPE when visiting StaticListSerializerBase
  • #2082: FactoryBasedEnumDeserializer should be cachable
  • #2088: @JsonUnwrapped fields are skipped when using PropertyBasedCreator if they appear after the last creator property
  • #2096: TreeTraversingParser does not take base64 variant into account
  • #2097: Block more classes from polymorphic deserialization (CVE-2018-14718 - CVE-2018-14721)
  • #2109: Canonical string for reference type is built incorrectly
  • #2120: NioPathDeserializer improvement
  • #2128: Location information included twice for some JsonMappingExceptions

Changes, data formats


  • #142: IonParser.getNumberType() returns null for IonType.FLOAT


  • #81: Jackson 2.9.5, 2.9.6 incompatible with snakeyaml 1.20, 1.21

Changes, datatypes


  • #111: Class cast exception on hibernate5 module (with Hibernate 5.1+)

Java 8 date/time

  • #78: Year deserialization ignores @JsonFormat pattern


  • #99: Binary compatibility broken in 2.9.x in DateTimeSerializer
  • #101: Instant, YearMonth and MonthDay not use pattern in @JsonFormat

Changes, other modules


  • #54: AfterburnerSuperSonicBeanDeserializer does not handle JSON Object valued Object Ids (like json)
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