Jackson Release 2.9.8

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Patch version of 2.9, released 15th December, 2018.

Following fixes are included.

Changes, core


  • #488: Fail earlier on coercions from "too big" BigInteger into fixed-size types (int, long, short)
  • Improve exception message for missing Base64 padding


  • #1662: ByteBuffer serialization is broken if offset is not 0
  • #2155: Type parameters are checked for equality while isAssignableFrom expected
  • #2167: Large ISO-8601 Dates are formatted/serialized incorrectly
  • #2181: Don't re-use dynamic serializers for property-updating copy constructors
  • #2183: Base64 JsonMappingException: Unexpected end-of-input
  • #2186: Block more classes from polymorphic deserialization (CVE-2018-19360, CVE-2018-19361, CVE-2018-19362)
  • #2197: Illegal reflective access operation warning when using java.lang.Void as value type

Changes, data formats


  • #140: Stack overflow when generating Protobuf schema on class containing cyclic type definition


  • #153: Unable to set a compression input/output decorator to a SmileFactory


  • #270: Add support for writeBinary() with InputStream to ToXMLGenerator
  • #323: Replace slow string concatenation with faster StringBuilder (for long text content)


  • #99: YamlGenerator closes the target stream when configured not to

Changes, datatypes

Java 8

  • #90: Performance issue with malicious BigDecimal input, InstantDeserializer, DurationDeserializer (note: CVE-2018-1000873)
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