Extension API for Stax, Java pull-parsing API (STreaming Api for Xml)
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Stax2 API is an extension to standard Stax API ("STandard Api for Xml procesing"), pull-parser API of JDK, added in JDK 6.


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Stax2 API is implemented natively by following Stax XML implementations:

  • Aalto (performance-oriented, also non-blocking/async)
  • Woodstox (full-featured, most compliant XML package on Java platform)

In addition, Stax2 API contains wrapper implementations that can be used to support most of API on regular Stax implementations like Sun SJSXP (default Stax implementation bundled with JDK 1.6 and 1.7).


API is licensed under standard BSD license, which is compatible with all Free and Open Software (OSS) licenses.

Java package

API classes are in package org.codehaus.stax2.

Stax2 API also contains partial Reference Implementation of many of API classes, under org.codehaus.stax2.ri: intention is to make it as painless as possible for Java Stax parser to implement full Stax2 support.


Maven dependency is defined as:


Jars can be found from Central Maven repo.