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Project: woodstox
=== Releases ===
6.0.3 (07-Dec-2019)
#88: Missing closing quote for attribute values during in Validating output mode
(reported, fixed by michaelsiegel@github)
#93: Stax2 `maxAttributeSize` limit is only vaguely respected
(reported by Ivo S)
#97: `copyEventFromReader()` `ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException`
(reported by Daniel L)
6.0.2 (12-Oct-2019)
#85: OSGi dependency on relaxng should be `optional`
(reported by Colm H)
6.0.1 (14-Sep-2019)
#82: Recycled buffers in XMLStreamWriter are colliding between multiple writer
instances when used in an Akka stream
(reported by Jamie P)
6.0.0 (29-Aug-2019)
#78: Shade MSV dependency
- Add `module-info.class` for Java 9+ module system
5.3.0 (15-Jul-2019)
#58: Reading comment comments after Root Element closed sometimes throws `NullPointerException`
#61: Add support for `XMLConstants.FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING` via SAX/Stax factories
5.2.1 (14-May-2019)
#74: Infinite loop in BijectiveNsMap#addGeneratedMapping when ctxt.getNamespaceURI(prefix)
returns an empty String
(reported by Ioan M)
5.2.0 (02-Nov-2018)
#42: Multi-document mode produces events only for first document
(reported by display-none@github)
#46: NoSuchMethodError after update to Woodstox 5.1.0
(reported by Alexander V, veita@github)
#47: Validation error due to white-space being handled as CData by `BaseStreamWriter`
(reported by Alexis H)
#53: `XMLStreamReader.getAttributeValue(null, localName)` does not ignore namespace URI
(reported by flappingeagle@github)
#56: Add `WstxInputProperties.P_ALLOW_XML11_ESCAPED_CHARS_IN_XML10` to allow XML 1.1 escaped
characters in XML 1.0 content
(suggested by Mickaël G, mguessan@github)
5.1.0 (31-Mar-2018)
#23: Text content is not validated correctly when copying events to `XmlStreamWriter`
(reported by hxc9@github)
#43: `CompactStartElement` appears to incorrectly classify attributes as default
(reported by Jonathan T)
- Add `Automatic-Module-Name` indicator in jar metadata, for Java 9
- Upgrade `stax2-api` dependency to 4.1 (from 3.1)
5.0.3 (23-Aug-2016)
#13: `BasicStreamReader.getElementText()` behavior doesn't match Java documentation
(reported by Caleb-An@github)
#15: `BasicStreamReader` should use `WstxUnexpectedCharException` instead of WstxParsingException
(reported by dima-kapustin@github)
#16: Incorrect validation error(s) only using Stax2 writer
(reported by hxc9@github)
#21: 500 characters limit when calling XMLStreamReader#getText() after CDATA event
(reported by elrodro83@github)
5.0.2 (10-Dec-2015)
#10: Stax 4.0.0 is not compatible with Woodstox 5.0.1
(reported by naveengopi@github)
5.0.1 (02-Apr-2015)
#3: Initial 5.0.0 release did not contain class files (d'oh!)
(reported by norrisjeremy@github)
#4: Fix validation of text for an XMLStreamWriter
(reported by Wilco G, wgreven-ibr@github)
5.0.0 (earlier)
Attempted initial release -- unfortunately, as per #3 (see above), not a working jar.