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I2C NavKey



The I2CNavKey is a small board that includes a 7 functions joypad. The joypad has 4 directional keys plus a central button and a rotary ring. It is controllable with the I2C bus, and it's possible to configure 16 different I2C addresses.

The I2CNavKey has also 3 configurable GPIOs with the same footprint of RGB LED. This 3 GPIOs can be configured independently in 4 different way: input, output, PWM and analog input.

Since the I2CNavKey is a I2C slave, it has a series of 8 bit registers where it's possible to configure different parameters,it's also possible to detect when the buttons are pressed or when the ring is rotated. It also has an open-drain output pin used as interrupt output. This pin is used to notify to the master when some event happens in the I2CNavKey, the source of interrupt can be customized.

I2CNavKey back side

I2CNavKey 7 functions

Where you can get this board?

This project is avaiable on our Tindie store!

Repository Structure

  • Arduino Library: Repository where you can find the Arduino IDE library for the DuPPa boards
  • Raspberry Library: Ready to use library in Python for the Raspberry board with example.
  • Firmware: Project folder of Microchip MPLAB X contain the code running inside of the PIC16F18345
  • Hardware: Folder containing the production file, schematic, STEP file
  • Datasheet I2C NavKey: Datasheet of the board with the description of the registers and some useful information.


Hardware and firmware are licensed under GPL-3 license

Documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 international license

If you want to donate for my work, i would really appreciate it. You can donate here with this link. Thank you!



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