A bootable poem! Err, well, sort of....
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Linux Poem No.17

Read the latest Linux poem on bare metal! That's right, no OS required. :) http://linux-poetry.com/17/

The poem is a triolet about the "magic number" 0xAA55: the byte signature used to denote a bootable sector on x86 systems. The signature prompts BIOS to execute the preceding bytes in the sector as a program. This is the way that bootloaders, like GRUB, are launched.

The bootloader in this repository is just a modified "hello world" -- it prints the text of the poem. An iso is included so you can boot a bare metal system from it if you're brave! I'd recommend just using qemu or virtualbox otherwise.



Simply use the included iso image as you would a live disk or install qemu and run make qemu to run on an emulated cpu


Edit linux-poem-17.asm and run make then make iso to regenerate linux-poem-17.iso