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React Native's Async Storage logger for Flipper
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Async-Storage Flipper


Async-Storage debugger for Flipper.

Getting Started

  1. Install these libraries in your react-native app.
yarn add rn-async-storage-flipper react-native-flipper

For iOS, you'll need to run

cd ios && pod install
  1. Import the rn-async-storage-flipper library and pass as argument your storage instance.
import RNAsyncStorageFlipper from 'rn-async-storage-flipper';

// ....
import AsyncStorage from '@react-native-community/async-storage';

// We recommend to invoke the function inside a componentDidMount or useEffect

Note that you storage must have the following async methods:

  • getAllKeys

  • multiGet

  1. Install the flipper-plugin-async-storage in Flipper app

  2. Re-run your app

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