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This branch contains an attempt to re-ignite PuTTYTray on PuTTY 0.68 or higher.

Project status

The project has fallen behind PuTTY upstream, and shouldn't be used for now. Please use upstream PuTTY.

There is discussion of the project status on github issues.

The previously released binaries are built from the latest PuTTYTray tag.


  • upstream: the actual upstream branch we're tracking (master)
  • upclean: an automatically cleaned-up variant of the branch
  • scripts: orphan branch carrying the scripts to generate upclean
  • master: third attempt to reignite the project
  • t67-failed-merge: a failed attempt to merge 0.68 and p0.67-t029
  • t67-failed-patches: a failed attempt to make patches from p0.67-t029

I will rebase all branches. Please work from tags.

All branches are a mess. Do not use them. Do not look at them. Do not raise issues or pull requests about them.


  • proj: miscellaneous changes necessary to run a project (e.g. README)
  • cmake: build system extensions to use cmake, could be merged
  • url: support for clickable urls, url menu, etc.
  • backport: pulling changes back from the next release
  • zoom: increase font size with the mousewheel
  • fatty: bundle agent and gen into putty.exe
  • icon: tray icon and extra menu / actions
  • import: transparent support for openssh key formats


mkdir -p doc && \
perl && \
(cd charset && perl && \
./ > CMakeLists.txt