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# Build a Unix source distribution from the PuTTY CVS area.
# Expects the following arguments:
# - the version number to write into
# - the suffix to put on the Unix source tarball
# - the options to put on the 'make' command line for the docs
(cd doc && make -s ${docver:+"$docver"})
relver=`cat LATEST.VER`
mkdir uxarc
mkdir uxarc/$arcname
find . -name uxarc -prune -o \
-name CVS -prune -o \
-name .svn -prune -o \
-name . -o \
-type d -exec mkdir uxarc/$arcname/{} \;
find . -name uxarc -prune -o \
-name CVS -prune -o \
-name .cvsignore -prune -o \
-name .svn -prune -o \
-name -prune -o \
-name '*.zip' -prune -o \
-name '*.tar.gz' -prune -o \
-type f -exec ln -s $PWD/{} uxarc/$arcname/{} \;
sed "s/^AC_INIT(putty,.*/AC_INIT(putty, $autoconfver)/" > uxarc/$arcname/
(cd uxarc/$arcname && sh 2>errors || { cat errors >&2; exit 1; }
tar -C uxarc -chzof $arcname.tar.gz $arcname
rm -rf uxarc
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