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# Generate GPG signatures on a PuTTY release/snapshot directory as
# delivered by Buildscr.
# Usage: sh <builddir> <keytype>
# e.g. sh putty Snapshots (probably in the build.out directory)
# or sh 0.60 Releases
set -e
sign() {
# Check for the prior existence of the signature, so we can
# re-run this script if it encounters an error part way
# through.
echo "----- Signing $2 with '$keyname'"
test -f "$3" || \
gpg --load-extension=idea "$1" -u "$keyname" -o "$3" "$2"
cd "$1"
for t in DSA RSA; do
keyname="$2 ($t)"
echo "===== Signing with '$keyname'"
for i in putty* putty*.tar.gz x86/*.exe x86/*.zip; do
sign --detach-sign "$i" "$i.$t"
for i in md5sums sha1sums sha256sums sha512sums; do
sign --clearsign $i ${i}.$t
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