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* storage.h: interface defining functions for storage and recovery
* of PuTTY's persistent data.
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Functions to save and restore PuTTY sessions. Note that this is
* only the low-level code to do the reading and writing. The
* higher-level code that translates an internal Conf structure into
* a set of (key,value) pairs in their external storage format is
* elsewhere, since it doesn't (mostly) change between platforms.
* HACK: PuttyTray / PuTTY File
* Function to force the storage loader to a certain type
enum storage_t {
enum storage_t get_storagetype(void);
void set_storagetype(enum storage_t new_storagetype);
* Write a saved session. The caller is expected to call
* open_setting_w() to get a `void *' handle, then pass that to a
* number of calls to write_setting_s() and write_setting_i(), and
* then close it using close_settings_w(). At the end of this call
* sequence the settings should have been written to the PuTTY
* persistent storage area.
* A given key will be written at most once while saving a session.
* Keys may be up to 255 characters long. String values have no length
* limit.
* Any returned error message must be freed after use.
void *open_settings_w(const char *sessionname, char **errmsg);
void write_setting_s(void *handle, const char *key, const char *value);
void write_setting_i(void *handle, const char *key, int value);
void write_setting_filename(void *handle, const char *key, Filename *value);
void write_setting_fontspec(void *handle, const char *key, FontSpec *font);
void close_settings_w(void *handle);
* Read a saved session. The caller is expected to call
* open_setting_r() to get a `void *' handle, then pass that to a
* number of calls to read_setting_s() and read_setting_i(), and
* then close it using close_settings_r().
* read_setting_s() returns a dynamically allocated string which the
* caller must free. read_setting_filename() and
* read_setting_fontspec() likewise return dynamically allocated
* structures.
* If a particular string setting is not present in the session,
* read_setting_s() can return NULL, in which case the caller
* should invent a sensible default. If an integer setting is not
* present, read_setting_i() returns its provided default.
void *open_settings_r(const char *sessionname);
char *read_setting_s(void *handle, const char *key);
int read_setting_i(void *handle, const char *key, int defvalue);
Filename *read_setting_filename(void *handle, const char *key);
FontSpec *read_setting_fontspec(void *handle, const char *key);
void close_settings_r(void *handle);
* Delete a whole saved session.
void del_settings(const char *sessionname);
* Enumerate all saved sessions.
void *enum_settings_start(void);
char *enum_settings_next(void *handle, char *buffer, int buflen);
void enum_settings_finish(void *handle);
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Functions to access PuTTY's host key database.
* See if a host key matches the database entry. Return values can
* be 0 (entry matches database), 1 (entry is absent in database),
* or 2 (entry exists in database and is different).
int verify_host_key(const char *hostname, int port,
const char *keytype, const char *key);
* Write a host key into the database, overwriting any previous
* entry that might have been there.
void store_host_key(const char *hostname, int port,
const char *keytype, const char *key);
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Functions to access PuTTY's random number seed file.
typedef void (*noise_consumer_t) (void *data, int len);
* Read PuTTY's random seed file and pass its contents to a noise
* consumer function.
void read_random_seed(noise_consumer_t consumer);
* Write PuTTY's random seed file from a given chunk of noise.
void write_random_seed(void *data, int len);
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Cleanup function: remove all of PuTTY's persistent state.
void cleanup_all(void);
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