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Generate some checksum files with more up-to-date hash functions than

MD5. Shipped (and signed) alongside the existing 'md5sums' file.

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simon committed Jul 10, 2011
1 parent e030765 commit 0a080c1e34183e089a14114cd782e8ba9045bf0b
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@@ -98,9 +98,14 @@ deliver putty/windows/*.map maps-x86/$@
# whatever key they want.
deliver putty/ $@
-# Building the md5sums file is most easily done in the destination
-# directory.
-in-dest putty do md5sum `\find * -type f -print` > md5sums
+# Create files of cryptographic checksums, which will be signed along
+# with the files they verify. We've provided MD5 checksums for a
+# while, but now MD5 is looking iffy, we're expanding our selection.
+# Creating these files is most easily done in the destination
+# directory, where all the files we're delivering are already in their
+# final relative layout.
+in-dest putty do a=`\find * -type f -print`; md5sum $$a > md5sums && sha1sum $$a > sha1sums && sha256sum $$a > sha256sums && sha512sum $$a > sha512sums
# And construct .htaccess files. One in the top-level directory,
# setting the MIME types for Windows help files and providing an
@@ -3,9 +3,9 @@
# Generate GPG signatures on a PuTTY release/snapshot directory as
# delivered by Buildscr.
-# Usage: <builddir> <keytype>
-# e.g. build.out Snapshots
-# or 0.60 Releases
+# Usage: sh <builddir> <keytype>
+# e.g. sh putty Snapshots (probably in the build.out directory)
+# or sh 0.60 Releases
set -e
@@ -25,5 +25,7 @@ for t in DSA RSA; do
for i in putty* putty*.tar.gz x86/*.exe x86/*.zip; do
sign --detach-sign "$i" "$i.$t"
- sign --clearsign md5sums md5sums.$t
+ for i in md5sums sha1sums sha256sums sha512sums; do
+ sign --clearsign $i ${i}.$t
+ done

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