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Merge r9351 (release checklist update). I can easily see myself using

the branch copy of the checklist for 0.62 and forgetting things I only
added to the trunk version :-)

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1 parent dd7ebe2 commit 730ae568f7e2f8f0cfa3d06472366d13f125ad45 simon committed Nov 27, 2011
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@@ -151,6 +151,10 @@ of the tag.
+ Adjust Download page to say 'The latest release version (<ver>)'.
+ Adjust Download page to update filenames of installer and Unix
tarball (both in the hrefs themselves and the link text).
+ + Check over the Download page and remove any mention of
+ pre-releases, if there were any before this release. Comment out
+ the big pre-release section at the top, and also adjust the
+ sections about source archives at the bottom.
+ Adjust header text on Changelog page. (That includes changing
`are new' in previous version to `were new'!)

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