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Default settings don't get read on startup #10

daschu117 opened this Issue · 9 comments

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If you modify the default settings, they don't get read when opening PuTTYTray. Selecting "Default Settings" and clicking Load works more or less as expected it seems.

@FauxFaux FauxFaux was assigned

PuTTYTray has never supported loading default settings from file_ configs, and loading from the registry appears to work fine.

Might add support for loading default config from file at some point.


Actually, it does support it if you create a session file named "Default%20Settings" either manually, or by saving a session named "Default Settings". All you have to do Load the "Default Settings" session and it will find your modified defaults. It would be nice if it looked for this session file on startup and loaded it automatically.


This is still an issue, and would be great if implemented. daschu117's "remedy" isn't really acceptable in a fast moving environment. As I run Putty (and forks) in a dropbox environment, keeping defaults in registry isn't a good solution.


I'm not especially happy with that change, but it does move us in the right direction, I believe. As early as possible, we decide whether we've got any registry settings to load. If we don't, then save that we're in filemode, and (not quite hence, but...) load the file defaults instead of the reg defaults.


If I understand you correctly, you check registry first, and then fallback to file. Would it be possible to default to the opposite instead? My reason being, if I take my USB install to a client's computer, and for whatever reason they have it installed on their machine, I'm left in the dark. Alternatively, search for a "portable.dat" file in the launch directory, and if it exists, default to file mode.

@FauxFaux FauxFaux referenced this issue from a commit
@FauxFaux GH-10: Further strip down the storage type switching
Storage type is now a global setting.  This removes a lot of complexity.

File settings are checked by default, if they don't exist, then the
registry is honoured.

Now that it's gone, I can't see any advantages to the old code, so I'm
guessing there's a glaring omission here somewhere. (Famous last words.)

Seems sensible, @EntityReborn. Done.

And now I've gone and gutted loads more stuff. Whoopee. I'm going to close this and pretend that it all works.

@FauxFaux FauxFaux closed this

Hah, excellent. Thank you. As I don't have a compiler on my machine, where would I go about getting a binary for this update? (If you don't have a CI, I can wait a few days)


I've uploaded a signed beta:


Excellent, thanks!

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